Pied piper a real fairy tale I witnessed..

We all have heard about the fairy tales of Pied Piper and Hamelin. I never believed in that story even though I read it was real. But after coming across the live performance of Bob McFerrin

( https://youtu.be/81uJZIF9TCs ) in front of more then 60000 people the only word came to my mind was ” Pied Piper of Hamelin”. The full crowd was totally in control of him and just following his instruction and doing what he want them to do & felt music has a power to control your mind from generation’s. Its really not so easy in the generation where technology rules the society. Must say a command able job done, a great artist with Voice that Rules. As he was controlling everyone with there wishes, everyone was devoting to him at that particular moment leaving every worries, every single thought behind and just surrendering themselves to him by there wish it was magical….

That’s why I named him a Pied Piper of Hamelin. 

Must watch Bob McFerrin the famous voice of Don’t worry be happy.

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A Fight Against Fight

Thought a lot before starting with this, As it’s my beginning of the journey in the world so vast. I just thought to say my heart out to support Gulmehar kaur (ambassador for Postcards for Peace in India), for the quos going on in Delhi University since Feb 2017. I wrote a lot to just give her my support and after just putting few lines on my blog,” I JUST STOP”.

And thought a lot, whether to put this on my blog. So many bad thoughts came to my mind and even I had a sleepless night with dreams that frightened me so much that I got up at mid night and finally went to sleep at 5:00 in the morning. And all that time I thought.”ITS NOT EASY TO FIGHT AGAINST FIGHT”(means to say fight for stopping the conflicts between India and Pakistan ,to fight against stopping political games….. The conflicts which had ruined the families…). And the way people reacted to the innocent thought … People  … including celebrities… Just because of one placard… without realising that what she said before … And what she said afterwards… Gulmehar Kaur made me thought. ” ARE WE FREE IN THIS DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY “.


And I said to my self. Wake up! We ….common people think just like Gulmehar Kaur… but not as brave as she is. That you can come forward and say a word in front of the world. And her silence made me say this for her.                  WHY TO SHOUT AND BE LOUD, WHEN SILENCE HAS SO MUCH TO SAY.